• #StayRegional


    Starting from 205 CHF

    Regional commitment is a matter close to our heart.

  • Winter magic

    Winter magic

    Starting from 215 CHF

    The magic of winter in the Basel region.

  • Tête-à-Tête


    Starting from 224 CHF

    In the mood for love.

  • Be my Valentine

    Be my Valentine

    Starting from 242 CHF

    A romantic stay for two.

  • UNO, DUE, Osteria TRE

    UNO, DUE, Osteria TRE

    Starting from 255 CHF

    Spending time like on holiday.

  • Dine Around

    Dine Around

    Starting from 265 CHF

    An evening full of culinary delights.

  • San Valentino all'Osteria TRE

    San Valentino all'Osteria TRE

    Starting from 318 CHF

    A romantic escape from the everyday life.