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Wine & Dine with Berlucchi

Wine & Dine Berlucchi

24 June 2022

There is a piece of Franciacorta in every glass of Berlucchi.

It is impossible to describe the uniqueness of a Franciacorta without knowing the unique Franco Ziliani. He is the winemaker who, together with Guido Berlucchi, changed the destiny of an entire region and made it one of the most valuable areas in the world for sparkling wines produced according to the classic method. Today, Franco Berlucchi is assisted by his three children Cristina, Arturo and Paolo. They are the ones who created the Berlucchi '61, Berlucchi '61 Nature and Palazzo Lana Riserva lines. Above all, however, it is thanks to them that the company is now completely oriented towards sustainability. The Berlucchi vineyards have been certified organic since 2016 and correspond to the latest state of viticulture in Franciacorta. What makes them so special is the production philosophy, which focuses on quality and sustainability. The motto is 'meno ma meglio'.

We are looking forward to a great Wine & Dine together with Romeo Dellera from Berlucchi.

The gourmet evening at the Osteria TRE begins at 7 pm and includes a 6-course gourmet menu with corresponding top wines, mineral water and coffee at CHF 190 per guest.

We look forward to your reservation

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